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Glover Trade Ltd is a team of professionals who have spent decades investing in various assets that bring multimillion-dollar profits, namely securities, precious metals, petroleum products, and cryptocurrencies.

The use of innovations gives us an advantage when working on global trading platforms.

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You are entrusting your assets to the BEST professionals in this field. We use only advanced technologies, competent calculations, and the safest trading strategies basing on artificial intelligence approach.


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Advantages of working with us: company advantages

Investing with Glover Trade you get a fast, modern, reliable, and secure service since our IT specialists work 24/7.

We value our investors and care about their convenience and safety when working with the platform using innovations and the latest achievements in the IT field.

Minimizing risks sets us apart from our competitors.

Our tariff plans are developed taking into account many years of experience in trading on various trading platforms and exchanges and using competent trading strategies.

Glover Trade is an officially registered company, which operates within the framework of international law.

Our activities are regulated by the European Securities Committee. Glover Trade has CYSEC and FSA trading licenses. The trust of our clients, as well as their safety, is our priority in the operations of our platform.

Glover Trade provides a unique opportunity for our clients to invest and make a profit from the comfort of their homes and offices.

For your convenience, we use the most popular payment systems, electronic and crypto-wallets.

Our offer for investors: investment

Glover Trade, taking care of the profit and security of our clients' assets, using many years of experience and professionalism of our traders,

has developed innovative tariff plans with different interest rates and withdrawal conditions, which allows us to be several steps ahead of our competitors.

After reviewing our tariff plans, you can choose the area you are interested in for investment and easily start earning.

0.7% per day smart for 20 days
Amount ranges: from 100$ to 999$
details you will receive
240% at the end

You can calculate the return
on your investment

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With this amount of investment
you will receive:

  • Daily profit: $
  • Total profit: $
  • Total return after (20 days): $

affiliate What we offer
our partners:

  • level 110%
  • level 27%
  • level 30.5%
  • level 40.3%

Glover Trade values everyone who has joined our team and is our representative, and your trust and choice are very important to us.

Teamwork generates millions of dollars, which many times increases profits and bonuses under our 5-level referral program.


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All web services and data exchange take place over channels protected by the SSL protocol (https). Wallets are stored using PGP encryption.


iOS and Android mobile application: application

Glover Trade IT specialists are constantly working on improving our platform and making sure that our clients are comfortable and easy to work with.

In this regard, it is planned to release the Company Name mobile application with support in the App Store and Google Play. Using this application, you will be able to evaluate once again the benefits of investing with our company.